About the Company

Who Are We

Raibod Oil Industry Company was established in 2019 with the short name of "Roico" in order to participate in domestic and international energy markets and with the aim of developing Iran's energy sector.

At the core of our business are precision control and instrumentation, fluid flow measurements and storage tanks, which are the basis of Rico's efforts to achieve sustainable development with an emphasis on environmental considerations. To achieve this, we focus on utilizing the most experienced professionals and engineers, state-of-the-art technology, and efficient management in an optimal organizational environment. The Roico team has the approval of the Office of Petroleum Export and Export Supervision in the field of reservoir calibration and has successfully completed several large projects.

Areas of activity of Roico

  • Storage tanks (calibration, inspection, design, construction of spherical, cylindrical, horizontal, position tanks)
  • Fluid measurement systems - metering and testing (supply, calibration of flow meters an probes, design and manufacture of skids and commissioning, supply, installation and programming of computer flow)
  • Instrumentation equipment (supply and construction, Level Meters calibration, supply of temperature and pressure transmitters)
  • Industrial valves (supply, design and manufacture, repair of all types of valves, including 4-way valves, wing valves, etc.)
  • Design, engineer, repair, maintenance and supply of equipment related to fluid flow measurement systems and its correctors including: prover, measuring containers (now), 4-way valve, ball (prover wing), skid mitering, sample devices Fluid trap (system sampling), control valves, flow switches, detector switches and .....