Calibration is the science of accurate measurement and error measurement of instrumentation measuring equipment and industrial automation.

Usually, the equipment makes a mistake in measuring after working for a while, and this has a negative impact on all aspects of the quantity and quality of work as it continues to operate. Calibration is also essential to maintain your contracting relationships with customers, government agencies and insurance.

Therefore, in addition to increasing the required accuracy, calibration also ensures the correct operation of the whole process.

We assure you that with the cooperation of the Roico team, in addition to preventing costly errors, you will also enjoy the highest degree of measurement accuracy. The Roico team is ready to serve in the following cases:

Calibration of tanks

Reservoir calibration services help you to measure and verify the exact amount or volume of large oil storage tanks, petroleum products and chemicals. The company has a long history in the field of calibration of spherical tanks, vertical and horizontal cylinders, double walls, buried and stand. In tank calibration operations, the exact volume of each tank is determined based on standard API methods, and based on that, measurement tables are prepared based on the volume of the tank in centimeters or each requested longitudinal unit.

Calibration of fluid flow meters

Due to the need for periodic calibration of fluid flow measuring equipment, this group has prepared the necessary equipment, including the master meter package to calibrate flowmeters with different sizes and flow rates, and is ready to serve you. The company's services include calibration of PD flow meters, turbine, mass or Coriolis as well as CNG station meters.

Calibration of validators

This company is ready to serve you by having the best and most experienced specialists in the field of calibration of all types of correctometers (Water draw) according to the API MPMS 4.9 standard, using Master Prover and precision measuring containers. The company has the necessary approvals from the esteemed Office of Supervision of Oil Exports and Exchanges in this field.